Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops

Is your company, institution/facility, small business, church, or school/university in search of meaningful training and/or development for your team/constituents?

Has there been a change in leadership or protocols that is negatively impacting the culture?

Are there relationship conflicts, communication barriers, or morale interferences hindering progression?

Mindful Solutions (MS) can provide a brief interactive workshop specific to your needs to support the mission and vision of your organization and/or staff. We can offer you an informative and experiential workshop that evokes or suggests the change needed for improved relations and reduced ambivalence.

Topics can range from Effective Communication, Building Healthy Relationships, Developing a Growth Mindset, Diversity/Multicultural Awareness/Sensitivity, to Restorative Practices, Trauma-Informed, Stress Management, and more.

Call Mindful Solutions today to discuss ways we can work together for an effective impact within your organization’s culture. Change is inevitable yet possible with the right interventions and supports.