About Mindful Solutions

About Mindful Solutions


To provide affordable, accessible, and meaningful counseling and/or consulting services to clients who may need support in developing mindful solutions to everyday life challenges, experiences, or opportunities.


Clients will be empowered to trust their inner being to achieve their highest potential or life’s purpose despite any perceived obstacle(s) via ensuing the use of self-awareness, self-management, interpersonal skills, and prudent decision-making.

Mindful Solutions 9 Core Values:

Wellness, Integrity, Balance, Spirituality, Communication, Responsibility, Respect, Authenticity, and Connectedness.

Encounter • Engage • Evolve

Cheryl Williams


Cheryl has passion for helping people reach their greatest potential and compassion for the souls of the hurting. Her faith is a driving force for evoking change in self, others, community, and the world in which she lives and looks to serve others from the heart. She is happily married living in the greater Atlanta area.

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